You can’t afford to not inspect your steel tubes

ERW tubesOur business is one that commits to supplying customers with the finest ERW tubes for any needs. At the same time, we want to make sure we are giving you the best customer care possible. Everything comes together to make us one of the top companies working in our industry today. So, if you need tubing, make sure you look at what we can offer.

Common in plants and factories, stainless steel tubes have great value for all kinds of applications. Industrial settings mean parts regularly have to deal with extreme conditions and temperatures. Choosing the right products is very important here, ensuring they have the right corrosion resistance. It may also be necessary to add extra insulation. Something else that is significant is inspecting the tubes, especially if you do add protective coatings.

Not immune

The thing with stainless steel is that it has more chromium than carbon steel. The element creates an invisible, passive oxide film. This is responsible for the corrosion resistance. However, you need to remember that being resistant does not mean the alloy is immune to it. You need to inspect the tubes to make sure there are no signs of an issue. This can include corrosion under insulation. If you need the finest quality ERW tubes, please give our team a call.

Pitting corrosion

This is another reason inspecting your tube is critical. Pitting is when corrosion eats compact cavities or holes in your metal. Alloys like stainless steel, which have resistance thanks to the passivation layer, are the most vulnerable to pitting. The problem here is that the layer could be compromised. If so, the metal below can corrode and create pits. However, the big problem is that they will penetrate inward because of the protective layer. It can compromise the part.

Stress corrosion cracking

One other reason to do your testing would be stress corrosion cracking. This is precisely what the name implies. It is something that can be hard to detect too, especially with the naked eye. The fine, at times microscopic, cracks could penetrate deep into the steel. From here, they could rapidly grow, possibly causing huge failure.

With chloride corrosion induced stress cracking, it is more likely to happen in temperatures capable of promoting evaporation. This is due to higher moisture levels and chloride deposits. Moreover, several insulating coatings and paints contain chlorides. As a result, you need to pick your insulation carefully with the tubes.

You can count on our ERW tubes

At Union Steel Tubes, testing and inspection is one of the most important parts of our business. Without this process, we would risk sending out products that don’t meet the right specifications. Once we confirm that everything meets our standards, we will send your tubing to you using our quick delivery services.

So, make sure you contact us if you would like to order reliable ERW tubes. We have a very broad range of shapes, sizes, and materials.