Using metal sprayed deposits for protection

We are a business that has been able to handle countless tubing orders over the years. At the same time, we make it a point to offer our customers the care they deserve. All of the elements come together to make us one of the foremost providers of ERW steel tubes West Midlands has. We supply tube in oval, square, rectangular, and round shapes, so we can cater for most needs.

ERW steel tubes West MidlandsERW tubing is created using electric resistance welding along the longitudinal seam. By employing a pre-coated steel strip, you can create tubes with augmented corrosion resistance. These products are suitable for all kinds of different uses, including domestic and garden furniture, shop fittings, handrails, and even car ports.

However, during the welding procedure the heat around the weld area can destroy the exterior coating. A subsequent tooling job to remove the weld fin also contributes to this. Unless you re-protect the area, it can corrode.

How do you re-protect the tubes?

You can achieve the re-protection of the weld damage through the application of a metal sprayed deposit. This uses a material that affords the same corrosion resistant characteristics as the pre-coat strip.

The choice of coating material depends on the purpose your tube will serve. In general though, there are specific guidelines that apply.

Pre-galvanised tubes

For the weld area on this type of tubing, you should use a zinc deposit spray. You do it to a thickness of around 0.04mm. The temperature limit of your tube will be up to 150ºC too. In terms of life expectancy, it is going to be dependent on the thickness as well as the working environment.

Pre-aluminised variants

This is tubing that has a hot dipped aluminised deposit introduced during manufacturing. For the weld area, you restore it using an aluminium spray. You do it to a thickness of around 0.05mm. The temperature limit of your tube here shall be up to 500ºC. With life expectancy, again it will depend on the thickness and work setting.

Get what you want with ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands

At Union Steel Tubes, we want to provide our customers with the greatest products we can. This is why our process includes extensive testing to ensure all items are up to scratch. In addition, we also offer a specialist cutting service that you can use to obtain tubing with more specific lengths.

So, please speak to us if you require the best ERW steel tubes West Midlands has available. You can ask us about products for almost any application. We can even discuss corrosion resistance and more.