Round Tube

Round tubes are easier to insulate, seal, thread, and bend too. Such characteristics prove useful when using them for numerous applications. A multitude of industries use them. That includes manufacturing, construction, and transport.

Square/Box Section

Used in domestic and industrial settings due to this tubes ability to endure extreme temperatures, destructive elements, and pressures. The strength of a square tube is also really valuable. Within domestic environments, people use the tubing in fencing, pipes, and appliances.

Rectangular Tubing

This shape of tubing is perfect for structural uses. The tubes are common inside buildings and are also seen in bridges and other constructs. You can find them is a wide array of manufactured goods too. This includes handrails and even furniture.

Flat Oval

The tubes are more compact, meaning you don't need as much room to use them. This makes them perfect for those projects that demand you work in a smaller environment. The composition is more aerodynamic too, allowing you to use oval tubes on vehicles and exhaust pipes.

ERW Tube/Pipe

Electric Resistance Welded or ERW tubes/piping is usually the lowest priced steel pipes available. The most common use is in the use of plumbing.

Mild Steel

The steel is ductile and has more flexibility than other steels. This is possible because it only contains around 2% carbon. Consequently, you can alter the tubes without much struggle. This helps to keep costs down.

Galvanised Tube

You should choose galvanisation if you have any concerns about corrosion. Galvanised tubes have a protective layer of zinc to protect the steel. As a result, they can last longer in damaging environments.

Chrome Plated

Adding a protective layer of chromium can protect mild steel tubes against corrosion, impacts, and wear and tear. It also enhances the aesthetics, making it a great option for any tubing people will see.


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