Pre-Galvanised ERW Tubes

At Union Steel Tubes, we recognise the importance of supplying the right products for your job. They have to be the exact specifications and an excellent quality without breaking your budget. You also won’t want to wait around a long time to get what you need as this will delay things. So, you should turn to us for all of your requirements. One of the many options we offer when you come to us is pre-galvanised ERW tubes.

Over the years, we have had many people turn to us to get the products that they need. There are many benefits of ERW steel tubes. For instance, it is possible to create numerous shapes and sizes with them. Furthermore the only dimension change across the length of the tube is at the weld seam points and we grind these away. As a result, there is a flat seam that runs along the length of the tube, standardising the dimension throughout. This allows for easier installation.

Pre-galvanised ERW tubes are fantastic

Pre-Galvanised ERW TubesFor over a hundred years, galvanising has been incredibly helpful for protecting metals from rusting. The zinc coating provides a protective barrier between the environment and the metal to keep it safe.

It is worth noting that this is even better than applying a coat of paint to your tubes as it offers sacrificial protection. Steel is more electro-negative than zinc so the steel attracts electrons from it. The electronic flow reduces the rate of corrosion and increases that of the zinc, sacrificing it essentially.

Pre-galvanised tubes can be great for your needs for a number of reasons. The first we will mention is the outstanding appearance when you compare to other tube options. The quality of the surface is excellent and won’t show as many marks. This is good when your products will be in places where they will be seen a lot.

When steel faces the weather or experiences harsh treatment which damages the coatings, the tube will stay rust free 5 to 10 times longer with galvanisation rather than paint. Thanks to the lower maintenance requirements and longer life, it is a fantastic product.

Count on Union Steel Tubes

You can have confidence when working with our ISO 9001 Registered Company. We always take the time to test our tubes before supplying them to our customers. The reason that we do this is to make sure that we only provide people with the highest quality products. This is why we are a reliable name when it comes to the supply of tubing.

Our team is big enough to provide leading services. However, we are small enough that you can be assured we genuinely care about your needs when it comes to pre-galvanised ERW tubes.

We have a lot of experience, earning it by catering for a huge array of needs. Whether this is a round, square, ovular, or rectangular product, we can help. We actually stock a huge number of tube specifications in long lengths ready for cutting. This helps us provide speedy delivery.

So, whether you have standard or unique specifications, reach out to us for quality pre-galvanised ERW tubes. We would love to help you however we can.