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The basics of high frequency welding

If you are currently working on a project that requires ERW tubes, we are the people you’ll want to speak with. Since 2004, we have been providing clients with orders of various sizes. As an ISO 9001 registered establishment, we make it a point to match the high standards that everyone expects from us.

Numerous electric resistance welding techniques are used to make tubing. Each procedure has distinct elements, but they do have something in common; they all generate a forged weld. You create these by introducing pressure and heat, or forging force, to the weld area. The heat is usually just beneath the melting point of the metal. There is also a simultaneous introduction of circumferential pressure to the segment. Consequently, this shoves the hot edges together.

HF contact and HF induction

In total, two principal kinds of ERW welding exist. The one we’re going to discuss here is high frequency (HF). The chief details of this technique are power and process supplies. You can break both down even more into subsections. We call the two processes here induction and contact. For both, the gear supplying the electrical current is separate from the utensils that provide the forge pressure.

With HF induction, you carry the current to the medium via a work coil in the weld point’s front section. This coil doesn’t encounter the tube. Instead, you induce the current into the material using magnetic fields encircling it.

For HF contact, you move the weld current to the substance by employing contacts that proceed along the strip. You introduce the weld power to the tube directly, making this more electrically logical than induction.

At Union Steel Tubes, we offer a multitude of tubing lengths to suit everyone’s unique specifications. Our products come in a series of finishes to, such as chrome and zinc plated, giving you even more options.

If you would like to know more about our ERW tubes, please get in touch. We can discuss specifications and what kind of products you need for your project.

Difference between Seamless and ERW stainless steel tubes

Union Steel has over 10 years of experience in the industry. We are the best ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands has to offer. The orders we take on range in sizes, but even for large projects, we still manage to give everyone great customer care.

Due to the fact we have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience, many people ask us questions about our products. One such query is the differences between seamless and electric resistance welded (ERW) tubes. Here is the answer.

What Are The Differences?

There are aspects that differ in the production of the two. Seamless tubes are formed from steel pipes, getting rolled into the necessary shape. But with ERW tubes, we make them from coils that need rolling before welding together.

Due to these differences in production, there are distinct benefits between them. There have been many advances in the development of ERW tubes, meaning that they are better than ever. While it is true that the weld line is the weakest part, over the years improvements have boosted the strength. We have the capability to make tubing in a range of shapes and sizes with precision. This is perfect for individual work requirements. ERW tubing is cheaper to produce and we reflect this in our prices too.

All the people involved in the process have years of experience. They use our high quality equipment during the production. This ensures you get a finished product that you can rely on.

Seamless tubes are slightly more expensive. This extra cost is justifiable for specific work where the improved strength would be crucial. Overall though, ERW tubing appears to have more advantages. While we do supply ERW tubes, we also have seamless and pre-galvanised options to suit everyone.

We are the leading ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands relies on. Get in touch with Union Steel to discuss your needs; we’ll work with you to get precisely what you need. Providing high standards is something we enjoy doing, allowing us to uphold our reputation. The choices we offer range in size, shape and type.

Applications for ERW Tubing

Union Steel is a reliable company that specialises in creating tubing for various applications. We have over 10 years of experience tailoring our service for individual customers. Attention to detail is also an important part of our work, as well as outstanding customer care too. To give you peace of mind, we also test our products before sending them on to customers. As a result we are the best for ERW steel tubes West Midlands has.

What are ERW tubes?

ERW refers to the welding process that takes place to create the tubing. Our experienced team uses the best technology to create your tubes. We unwind steel strips from coils, and then they are side-trimmed to control the width and prepare edges for welding.

Contoured rollers cold-form the metal into whatever shape we want. We push the edges together using pressure as a butt joint. Afterwards, we weld it together, and our team removes the resulting flash weld from the tube. This is when we test the tubing to ensure its quality. Finally the product needs cutting to length and rolled to the precise size required.


The application options for our products can vary. ERW tubes are mostly used as piping for liquids. This can include water, oil and gas. Suppliers of ERW tubes work with industries like oil companies and pipe distributors. ERW tubes are also used by steel fabricators and even government agencies too.

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Our service is fast, stocking all our products to give you same day or next day delivery when you need it. So, if you need to complete your work in a certain amount of time, you can rely on us. We have a wide range of choices for all your needs. For example our products have various shapes, weights, and sizes to suit any requirements. In addition, our tubes can be seamless and pre-galvanised.

At Union Steel, we strive to maintain our reputation of being the best supplier of ERW steel tubes West Midlands businesses can call on. We have the capability to take on orders of any size.

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The ways in which you can make ERW tubing

Sometimes, standard tubing just doesn’t cut it. In situations such as these, you will need a specialist utensil if you hope to fulfil your plans. As luck would have it, we are one of the finest suppliers of these products. With our ERW tube designs at your disposal, you shouldn’t have any trouble finishing your project. Continue reading

Keep inspecting your mill

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