How to prevent splitting in the weld zone

Metal tubes are useful for a huge array of projects in almost every industry. ERW tubes in particular can cater for a diverse range of projects, from railings and shop fittings to hardware. They are even great for some decorative and structural uses. If you want to use this kind of tubing in your project, Union Steel can provide it. We offer a huge range of options and great value. Continue reading

Lots of options for cold formed tubing

In order to be a success, you must attend to the needs of all your clients. For this to happen, you may need a large variety of products. As ERW tube suppliers, we stock and supply different thicknesses, widths, and sizes of tubing. Therefore, we can move quickly when a client needs to place an order. We can arrange quick delivery without having to sacrifice any quality. Continue reading

What is a burr and does deburring help tubes?

Some people might think that when you manufacture tubes they are ready for use right away. However, parts with sharp edges are common. It just simply isn’t always possible to cut a tube without forming a burr. This is where deburring becomes vital. It is something we complete as a part of our work as a leading ERW steel tube supplier in the West Midlands. Firstly though, you need to know what a burr is and the effect it has on the quality of your metal tubes. Continue reading

ERW vs SML – Which is best?

ERW tubesWhen it comes to tubing, one of the most difficult decisions is whether to opt for ERW tubes or SML. The first are resistance welded, beginning life as a strip of metal. The latter are seamless and perforated. They tend to begin life as solid bars. Both options are great for different reasons. You should select the best one for your application. Continue reading