Why is the ISO 9001 accreditation so important?

If your projects demand that you use ERW tubes, then you should shop with Union Steel. We are able to provide each customer with a wide variety of designs. This doesn’t just cover the standard sizes we supply on a regular basis. Thanks to our steel cutting and processing service, we can offer you a tube in whatever length it is you need. We are also an ISO 9001 Registered Company, meaning we do our utmost to ensure the quality. Continue reading

Stick with hot-finished tubes

No one can produce an ERW tube that matches the quality of our stock. This is why our customers choose us. We use the highest quality materials available to make tubing. In addition, they come in countless shapes and sizes to suit different situations. We have everything you need right in one place. Continue reading

Performing manual tube inspections

Sometimes, standard tubing just isn’t right for the job. In these instances, you need a bespoke product. We happen to be experts on providing these tubes. Union Steel is the best provider of ERW steel tubes West Midlands has to give. Have confidence that our goods are ones you’ll continue to use for years. Continue reading

The hot and cold-rolled ERW processes

Whenever someone wants ERW tubes, they come to us. Customers know that our business has specialised in these products for more than a decade. When they need our assistance, they’re confident that we can supply them with everything they’re looking for. Should you need us to, we can do the same for you. Continue reading

Which advancements have helped ERW tube production?

Our ERW tube collection is one that includes an abundance of high quality products. Every customer is free to choose from more than 200 distinct sizes. In addition, we have different finishes that improve the overall performance. The merchandise isn’t the sole reason why people prefer us though. Our customer service is also first rate, ensuring clients have a good experience every time they order. Continue reading

Volumetric inspections

There are many reasons why people consider ours the best ERW steel tubes West Midlands has to offer. To begin with, we only use the highest quality materials to create them. Secondly, we manufacture the tubing using state of the art machinery. Moreover, we always subject our goods to extensive testing before we sign off on them. It is these facts that have led to countless customers putting their trust in us. Continue reading