The facts about stainless steel’s sustainability

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Steel has uses in many places

When someone hears the term stainless steel, they could be thinking of many different things. These could be kitchen utensils or even furniture. The metal is utilised for numerous purposes in countless industries and applications. Medical and manufacturing are good examples.

What we want to do here is discuss how sustainable stainless steel is. Since the material features in so many crucial areas, it is only natural that you’d ask what makes it so popular. Sustainability is one of the main reasons. Let’s see why it is favoured over other materials.

Corrosion resistance

ERW tubesThe first thing that makes, stainless steel sustainable is the fact it’s rustproof and lasts a long time. These alloys resist corrosion thanks to the chromium content. You can find around 10.5% of this material in stainless steels. It is enough to stop rust. Chromium produces a barrier that defends the steel from corrosion when it encounters oxygen. The higher the chromium content, the less prone the steel will be to rusting.

At present, there are more than 150 different kinds of stainless steel. So, your material could be more vulnerable to rusting compared to others. This will depend on the chromium level. If you are looking to use ERW tubes, give us a call.

Environmental effects

As we know, metal is a product of nature. Therefore, when you think about the sustainability you must consider what we are removing from the planet and the energy it takes to make the materials.

Steel is mainly a combination of carbon and iron. The addition of alloying elements like nickel and chromium leads to the corrosion resistant stainless steel alloys. On the basis of these alone, we can’t justify that any steel is a sustainable material. What does make it environmentally friendly though is its ability to be recycled many times. This is without it losing its worth to applications. Stainless steel is one of the few substances you can continuously recycle. You can turn it into something else with equal value.

Everything from nature has its expiry date, it is true. Despite the fact that metals are hard to decompose, it is not impossible. With steel, it can take decades or even centuries. It can happen faster depending on the severity of the weather. Stainless steel can break down in time too, but it takes longer because of the elements in the alloy. When it does eventually decompose, it will leave behind minute metallic particles. They are ones that will be safe for the environment.

Economical details

Due to stainless steel’s sustainability and economical nature, it has taken over all kinds of markets. These include toys, furniture, and construction. Metals like stainless steel do wonders for the circular economy. It’s made of recycled substances and can be recycled without undermining quality. Thus, it is a sustainable material.

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