Rectangular Tube

At Union Steel, we work hard to provide quality products and a high standard service. Whether this is a round, oval, rectangular tube, or another of the products we offer, you can count on our team. Whatever you need we will work hard to come up with the perfect solution for your needs.

Rectangular tube has lots of uses

rectangular tubeThis shape of tubing is perfect for structural uses. The tubes are common inside buildings and are also seen in bridges and other constructs. You can find them is a wide array of manufactured goods too. This includes handrails and even furniture.

While the shape is strong and durable, the tubes are not only popular for structural uses. They are also great for aesthetic applications.

To suit the demands of such a diverse range of uses, rectangular tubes are available in a large number of sizes and wall thicknesses. We even offer a selection of options to finish the tube. This includes galvanisation or plating.


Rectangular tubing has lots of benefits that make it stand out from other shapes. For one thing, the tube shape has a superior strength-to-weight ratio. Since this is the case, you don’t need as much material by weight. Because they are lighter, you can expect to pay less money for the tubes too.

In addition, the tubing will have great composition and support attributes. On top of this is a greater resistance to torsional forces. As a result rectangular tube is suitable for an array of column applications.

Consider working with us

When you do business with us, you will find all the rectangular tubes you could possibly need. We supply more than 200 different sizes of tube in total. If you don’t manage to find what you are looking for, there is no need to panic. We are happy to create a bespoke order if the situation calls for it.

We work very hard to ensure our products are the highest quality. For one we have ISO 9001 accreditation. This means we have a full quality management system in place. It includes controls to make sure every piece of rectangular tube we create passes our tests and is precise. Only then is it suitable for sending out to a customer.

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