Round Tube

A versatile tube

The first rate round tubes we produce are a favourite among our clients for all sorts of reasons. We also refer to them as cylindrical or even circular steel tube. For countless years, the versatile round tubing has been popular. It has virtually limitless applications, meaning that industries are free to employ it in a broad range of uses. Knowing this, it should come as no surprise to learn that people think of this shape when tubing comes to mind. In fact, we use “cylinder shape” in the definition of tubes.

What makes round tube so special?

round tubeThese tubes are particularly popular for carrying liquids. Because of the configuration, the tube doesn’t need as many materials. At the same time, you will still have the same degree of space on the inside as you would with other shapes. This makes it cheaper and lighter.

These tubes have less surface area than other models as well. Since this is the case, there is not as much friction either. This increases efficiency and flow.

Round tubes are easier to insulate, seal, thread, and bend too. Such characteristics prove useful when using them for numerous applications.

The shape is also stronger overall than many others are. They don’t possess corners, meaning that they lack weak points. This offers them a consistent strength all around.

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When it comes to orders, we give clients the chance to choose many different sizes. Our status as an ISO 9001 company also means we ensure quality. We can handle large orders too. Of course, we always ensure a wonderful standard of customer care. It is the same regardless of whether you need round tube or another shape.

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