Seamless Tube

At Union Steel Tubes we work to be a one stop shop for various kinds of tubing. Our goal is to ensure we have products to cater for most requirements. As a result, our range includes both ERW and seamless tube in a range of sizes. There is also a choice of shapes. Whatever project you have in mind, we are confident we have what you need.

What is seamless tubing?

As you may guess from the name, this kind of tube is one that does not have a seam. It avoids this because manufacturers create it by beginning with a solid bar. They then heat and pierce this before using rotary piecing to create a hollow. The hollows are then rolled and reheated before adapting to the right diameter and wall thickness. Finally is cooling and any finishing such as galvanisation. Then all that is left is to cut the lengths to the right size.

Why use it?

Seamless TubeThere are many situations where it is beneficial to use a tube without a seam. For example, if the tubing must have high strength, seamless is the best choice. This is because even high quality seams could fail if the pressure on the tube is great enough. Generally a seamless tube would have stronger physical properties and there is no weld or heat zone to think about.

Using tube without a seam is also a very good idea if the project will be to transport harmful substances. Here it is important to ensure there is no chance of a leak. A seam could be a weak point that in time may allow leaks. With seamless, there is no risk of this. The only concern is the joints between the tubes and the fixings at each end.

Things to consider

Quality is very important when you choose seamless tubing. The manufacturer must prioritise precision to ensure they pierce the bars accurately. If not, the hole won’t be centre. This can cause problems later such as thinner walls on one side.

It is also important to think about the cost. Due to the careful manufacturing, it can cost more for seamless tubes than welded ones. However, the cost can be worth it if you need the extra strength.

What you should do is think about your applications and what conditions the tube will have to deal with. Seamless is the best option for things like hydraulic cylinders, heavy equipment like cranes, structural components, and certain pipelines.

Talk to us about seamless tube

Union Steel Tubes is the perfect company to work with if you need to order tubing. Clients from various industries can come to us for first rate products and advice. We can help them to select the right products for their application. Then, when they place an order, we will process and deliver the tube as quickly as we can. We even offer a number of finishing services.

So, if you want to use seamless tube, rely on us. We have a great reputation and lots of happy customers.