Square Tube

Square tubing is very popular

People frequently use square tubes in domestic and industrial settings due to the advantages available. Industries prize this form of tube for its ability to endure extreme temperatures, destructive elements, and pressures. The strength of a square tube is also really valuable. Within domestic environments, people use the tubing in fencing, pipes, and appliances.

The benefits of using these tubes

square tubeUniformity is another positive attribute of a square tube. Aside from the mechanical properties, these tubes have uniform concentricity and wall thickness.

As we said earlier, the strength of this shape of tubing is impressive too. Through cold forming, square tubes can obtain a higher tensile strength and yield than the steel you make it from. This is what provides the tube with the ability to withstand extreme destructive elements, pressures, and temperatures.

Square tubing is a cost efficient option as well. It doesn’t require as much processing as other forms of mechanical tube do. Since this is the case, it can provide cost advantages for applications that aren’t as demanding.

You can also find square tube in a huge assortment of sizes. The range of wall thickness and OD dimensions is vast. Because of this, the tubing is appropriate for several needs and uses.

The applications of a square tube

People commonly use these tubes as a railing along staircases. However, it is possible to use them in other ways that aren’t as obvious. For example, they could be part of fencing or other rails. They are also a good choice for entrances and entry gates.

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