Elliptical Tube

A tube that is worth your money

elliptical tubeOur elliptical tube products are popular because of their high strength, dimensional accuracy, and corrosion resistance. To ensure they adhere to the set industry rules, we create them using the most appropriate materials and techniques. We also go above and beyond to ensure that clients receive a quality tube.

We have a great reputation for supplying a broad range of elliptical tubing. More importantly, clients know we offer consistent quality. We manufacture every tube in compliance with the set industry standards and norms. This is in addition to the requirements of our customers.

Uses of elliptical tube

We create tubes in numerous lengths and sizes so clients in many industries can use them for their projects. They are great for things like heat exchangers, railings, and furniture. This is due to the features they offer, including the superior finishes, high strength, and durability. Abrasion resistance is another vital attribute.

Some people even select this kind of tubing for aesthetic reasons. The oval has a gentle curve and no flat points. The tubes can look even better with the finishing options we have available. This includes galvanised and plated.

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Having been in business since 2004, we have an abundance of experience in the tube industry. We use our knowledge to offer clients elliptical tubes that suit all of their needs. How complex their requirements are does not matter to us; we are more than capable of producing a solution. This includes creating bespoke tubing.

Union Steel Tubes also stand out because we are an ISO 9001 company. Our focus on quality management results in better products and a great service from start to finish. As a result we are one of the very best suppliers of elliptical tube in the UK.

If you need to contact us to discuss products, you are welcome to. You can send an email to enquiries@unionsteel.co.uk with any details. If you want to phone us, use the number 01902 881222. You can even fax us at 01902 880500 if you have designs to show us.