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A set-up to promote fast manufacturing and delivery

At Union Steel Tubes we are committed to providing the highest quality ERW tube and satisfying orders in the shortest possible timescale. We work closely with our clients to get a clear idea of their deadlines and offer honest details about how long manufacturing and delivery will take. Ultimately we want to ensure our clients avoid potentially costly delays by getting products to them promptly. Continue reading

A home mechanism and working utensil

Since starting out in 2004, our business has only gotten stronger with each new client that requests our aid. Specialising in ERW steel tubes, we provide products to customers across the West Midlands and the whole of the UK in order to meet their various requirements. The tubing has a wealth of applications and whatever the reason yours are needed for, we will produce a product that exceeds your expectations. Continue reading

ERW tubing can be utilised for gas and oil pipes

For over ten years, our company has been the one that clients have depended on for a supply of high quality ERW tubes. We are highly passionate about our work and due to our well earned status as an ISO 9001 Registered Company, no order is too much for us to handle. A plethora of choices are available when it comes to our products and as such, they are appropriate for a wide range of applications. Continue reading

Chrome coating for ERW tube

ERW tube is generally made from cold formed steel. Various types of the metal are used, including mild and stainless to suit different requirements. The first of these can also be given an additional coating to enhance the characteristics. Coatings can include chrome or zinc depending on the requirements and budget. Continue reading

Bespoke tubes in your chosen shape

ERW steel tubes are utilised for a wide array of applications, from use in essential infrastructure to decorative pieces in a myriad of properties. This is possible because they can be designed to suit all manner of needs. The size, wall thickness, and shape can all be adjusted to match the criteria. Continue reading

Precision is vital when manufacturing ERW tubes

If highly versatile, effective and reliable ERW tubes are what you require, then you have come to the right place. Possessing the right equipment and the most talented workforce around, we can take on any job that clients request us to do. No matter your requirements, rest assured that we will work our hardest to manufacture the greatest tubing for you. Continue reading

Strip steel is essential in the creation of ERW tube

All ERW tube starts life as a strip of steel. It is trimmed to size, ensuring it can create tubing of the right dimensions. The trimming also prepares the edges of the material so they can be welded together effectively, creating a strong, durable bond. Once cut to size the steel is fed into a series of rollers so it can be adapted to the relevant shape. This is a cold forming process so it is cost effective and preserves the characteristics of the material. Continue reading