Taking care of leaking tubes

Finding the right tubing can be tricky if you don’t know where to look. We happen to be the leading provider of ERW steel tubes West Midlands has. Additionally, we are an ISO 9001 registered business. This means we can manage any order and maximise quality. At the same time however, we still offer an outstanding level of customer care.

A leaking tube is a common plumbing issue. It’s also a problem you must deal with swiftly. Repeatedly, we’ve heard stories about small leaks transforming into much bigger problems. This was all because people chose to ignore the initial leak. Therefore, we recommend that you pay close attention to any leaking tubes, even if it is only a tiny trickle.

There are various types of leaks, as well as causes for them. In the majority of cases, you’ll want to contact a plumber. However, there are leaks that you can rectify on your own. You don’t even have to possess a lot of plumbing knowledge to do so.

Turn the water off

The moment you notice a tube leaking, turn the water supply off. You don’t want the water running if you’re taking care of the leak yourself. You may be planning to call an expert anyway. Regardless, turn off the supply to stop damage and flooding. It’s possible to do this by using the primary shut off valve.

Once the water is off, find out how small the leak is. It could be that the problem is at a joint. You may be able to tighten the joints to resolve the problem. On the other hand your tube may be too damaged, rusty, or old. In these instances, avoid tightening, especially when it comes to ERW steel tubes. This may only exacerbate things. The best approach here is generally to purchase a replacement.

At Union Steel Tubes, we provide our tubing in cut and random lengths. This enables them to meet multitudes of demands. In other words, it’s easy to find the right product. Our flexibility and high quality make us the best for ERW steel tubes West Midlands can provide.

If you wish to know more about ERW tubing or leaks, please get in touch.

The importance of tube testing to give you what you need

Established in 2004, we have immense experience and over 200 product options for you to choose from. You will only ever receive leading ERW tubes that you can rely on from us. In order to meet your specific requirements, we work carefully with you. This includes carrying out rigorous testing on everything we supply.

With developments in the production of ERW tubing, quality and cost efficiency is always improving. However, it is not a perfect process. To be certain that what you get meets both our and your high standards, we check our work before sending it on to you.


When looking at our products, we check things such as the quality of the weld. On top of this we need to ensure that it will not leak when used. ERW tubes need to be able to withstand weights and pressures without weakening. By detecting issues at this stage you will only ever receive the best from us. This means that you can count on Union Steel for great and dependable tube fabrication.


Providing you with top of the range stock is about more than competition. In the event of a pipe failure, people in the vicinity can be in danger. By providing you with amazing tubes for an affordable cost, you can have peace of mind over the quality. This will reduce the risks.


We dedicate ourselves to providing premier ERW tubes that will stand the test of time. As a result you can avoid the expensive costs that come with pipe failure and clean up. You can rely on us for all of your tubing needs.

By discussing the specifics of your project with you and offering vast types of tubing, you can get a perfect match without compromise. You can always trust us so don’t wait and get started today. For more details on Union Steel and our ERW tubes, reach out to us at 01902 881 222. We can discuss the various sizes and shapes we have to offer.

The significance of high and low frequency power sources

We are a company that has spent almost 15 years providing various individuals with ERW tube. With us, no one gets a substandard service. Everyone receives products that can meet their requirements. Because we are an ISO 9001 registered business, we offer consistent quality.

Inspection of ERW weld nuggets is essential in our industry. It’s a quality control step in the creation of high-strength tubing. Said products are generally for pressure applications. Here, it doesn’t matter what the frequency of the power source to fabricate longitudinal butt welds in the tubing is.

Whenever you create ERW tube, a visible hourglass shape signature is in the weld. This pattern appears because the electrical current flows around and in the edges of your medium. The power source frequency decides the depth of the heat into these edges.

Dividing the power sources

Usually, you would split up the power sources into high and low frequency. Heat penetration into the metal’s edges can be 0.375 inches deep if you use a low frequency source. Using this kind of power isn’t as accepted anymore though. Most customers want a more accurate result. Therefore the penetration must be shallower.

Heat penetration with a high frequency source shall be bigger at the bottom and top corners. It won’t be as high in the middle though. The lower your output is, the deeper it will penetrate. Turning the frequency up makes it shallower. The average depth is roughly 0.030 inch into each edge for a 450-megahertz power source.

At Union Steel Tubes, our ERW tube is available in many thicknesses, widths, and sizes. As a result we have products for a huge array of needs. We like to keep a healthy supply of stock here as well. This makes it easier for us to deliver our tubes swiftly.

If you would like to purchase our merchandise, please give us a call. We can create bespoke tubes for your project, offering top quality and value for money.

The importance of having parallel edges

Union Steel focuses on a single particular product, high quality ERW tube. It’s true that we are an ISO 9001 registered business. Therefore you can expect the highest quality products. In addition, we can manage orders of all sizes and supply an excellent level of customer service at the same time. In other words, we cover all the angles. Continue reading

Proximity and Skin Effect

It’s no secret that tubes are popular because of how versatile they are. There are special types out there that serve specific purposes, including durable structural ones and aesthetics rails. Our business happens to specialise in creating exceptional tubing. We are the top suppliers of ERW steel tubes West Midlands has. Continue reading

The benefits and applications of square tubing

ERW tubes are a special type of tube that you can use for numerous projects. Just like regular tubing, one design isn’t enough for every job. Fortunately, we supply various shapes and sizes to match your needs. At times, customers are unable to locate something suitable. When this happens, we suggest that they use our cutting service. The last thing we want is for someone to be unsatisfied. Continue reading