Tubing for structural automotive fabrication

Our company satisfies its customers by supplying ERW tubes that tick all the right boxes. We go the extra mile to create the greatest possible products. You are free to choose from a wide collection of shapes and sizes. Don’t worry about making the order too big either; as an ISO 9001 business, we can handle any quantity and offer consistent quality. Continue reading

The reasons why we prefer stainless steel

At Union Steel our aim is to make sure that every customer walks away with suitable ERW tube. Due to our status as an ISO 9001 company, we can offer excellent quality. In addition, we are able to handle orders of any size. Our tubes come in an array of shapes and more than 200 sizes, meaning there are options for any project. Continue reading

Choosing between seamless and welded tubes

Union Steel first established itself back in 2004. Since then, our goal has been to supply the highest quality ERW tubes to every customer. This doesn’t just mean using the greatest raw materials. We also need to create and finish them properly. Luckily we can do this and offer a wide selection of sizes and shapes. This way, they are more appropriate for the tasks you have at hand. Continue reading