How are you going to cut your tubing?

ERW tube cuttingWhile working with ERW tube for as long as we have, we have come to understand all its finer qualities. We are aware that the tubing comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. This versatile nature is great because it allows us to meet customer needs much more easily. Our company supplies a wide variety of designs. They are all available for competitive prices as well. Continue reading

Electric flash welding and lap welding differ to the ERW process

ERW steel tubes West MidlandsWe have had many people shop with us over the years. A number of them make us their first choice for several reasons. One of the main ones is that we supply the greatest ERW steel tubes West Midlands has. They are high quality and suitable for a huge array of projects. In addition, we have so much variety here that you should be able to get exactly what you need. Continue reading

Uses for ERW tubes in agriculture

Union Steel Tubes appreciates that the tubing we offer is great for uses in a huge number of industries. We support clients from each of them, ensuring they have products they can rely on. Our range is impressive, including various shapes and sizes of ERW tubes. We also provide a cutting service in house to deliver the right lengths. Continue reading