We manufacture a huge range of ERW tubes for industry

[dropcap type=”SQUARE” color=”#000000″ background=”#FFFFFF”]T[/dropcap]he last few years have seen the steel cutting industry evolve substantially. Technology and methods are constantly changing, and to remain at the forefront of the sector we have kept up to date with every new development. We can only deliver the best service to our clients if we are utilising the finest equipment and we make no compromise on quality at any time. We are recognised in the industry as an adaptable company that can easily supply every contemporary company with the steel cutting services and ERW tubes they need. Continue reading “We manufacture a huge range of ERW tubes for industry”

Demand in the tubular products industry is expected to rise in coming years

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nergy prices around the world continue to rise as developed and developing countries continue to use more and more energy on a daily basis. The demand puts huge pressure on supplies and encourages energy producers to invest in the exploration of new technologies and alternative sources. There is a great deal of pressure to find new oil and gas reserves but finding and extracting the resources can be very costly, resulting in higher prices.

A recent report by MarketsandMarkets highlights the impact the oil and gas exploration, extraction and refining have on the tubular goods market. Findings suggest that between 2014 and 2019 demand for tubular products will increase approximately 7%, particularly because of offshore activities and shale gas exploration. Demand for both ERW tube products and seamless pipes will increase, meaning there is great potential for producers to expand their services.

Europe is an emerging market for shale gas and is estimated to have large untapped reserves to call on. Extensive research has been done in the UK to try to estimate how large the gas and oil reserves could be. Initial surveys suggested the stores could be comparable in size to those in the North Sea. Subsequent work revised the number up even further. One study conducted by BGS (British Geological Survey) and the Department of Energy and Climate Change suggested that across Central Britain there was a store of shale gas measuring 37.7 trillion cubic metres, enough to meet the energy needs of the UK for over 40 years.

Shale gas exploration may still be in its infancy in the UK but if it gets the go ahead the demand for infrastructure will increase dramatically. This means tubing manufacturers could find themselves with huge orders to fill and bigger profits to make. With any gas or oil system there is demand for tubing for the extraction, transportation and refining of resources. Both ERW tube and seamless tube products will be needed to create infrastructure.

Why choose ERW tubing?

Steel tubes are used for a huge number of different applications, ranging from scaffolding to line pipes and many different types of engineering projects. They are versatile in the sense that they can be produced in a huge number of different dimensions, allowing consumers to choose the most suitable one for their needs. There is also the option whether to opt for seamless or resistance welded tubing. The type you go for will depend on your needs and budget. Continue reading “Why choose ERW tubing?”

Providing versatile and modern steel cutting services

Here at Union Steel Tubes we have been successfully established for a decade and are in a position to offer the finest steel cutting services, including the supply of ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands. As an ISO 9001 Registered Company we are furnished with every technical skill and the relevant experience to execute the finest level of work. We are able to competently handle any order regardless of size whilst retaining our focused attention to each task and delivering a superior standard of customer care. Our selection of steel tubes is in excess of 200 which ensures our capability of successfully responding to every request. Continue reading “Providing versatile and modern steel cutting services”

The process of steel tube cutting

At Union Steel Tubes we are equipped with some of the industry’s latest technology and are able to undertake a number of different applications for every requirement. We are one of the finest choices in the UK and uphold industry standards at all times, even being approved with ISO 9001. We employ some of the most experienced professionals in the steel cutting industry who are continuously going the extra mile for customers, regardless of the scale of project. Continue reading “The process of steel tube cutting”

Union Steel Tubes deliver precision pipes

Our growing, seemingly ever expanding economy is reliant on the availability of high quality supplies and products in order to ensure sustainability. Construction and industry are particularly in need of the delivery of steel pipes to meet their requirements on schedule in order to ensure project success. At Union Steel Tubes we are intrinsically aware of these needs. To meet them, we always ensure we keep the largest levels of stock on hand, at both our West Midlands base and at our Mill. We have the widest range possible of the most popular and widely used sizes of steel pipes. Continue reading “Union Steel Tubes deliver precision pipes”