Keeping up to date with the latest techniques

The steel cutting industry is subject to constant change. Techniques and methods are always evolving, and we have kept up to date with every new development. We are able to offer the highest standard of services and workmanship to our clients as we use only the finest equipment available. We are renowned throughout the industry as being the versatile company that can meet the most diverse range of needs. If you need affordable ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands, we are your one stop solution.

The steel cutting industry dictates a need for precise and meticulous work, as it presents challenges that can only be met by experienced and capable professionals. We have been successfully providing steel cutting services for over ten years and we are able to satisfy any request. Steel comes in varied levels of thickness, weight and size. We can cut steel to suit all specifications, and we will complete every task on time and ensure you meet all schedules, even if you have an urgent request. Our plant facilitates the swift completion of tasks, no matter how big or small.

When tubes are manufactured, it is not uncommon for them to incur ragged edges or protrusions. To solve this problem, we carry out deburring, which involves the use of a brush or vibro to remove the notches and small shavings. This ensures a smooth finish. Aside from producing aesthetically pleasing products, the deburring method is essential for ensuring that all parts function correctly. Even minuscule notches can lead to flaws in the operation process and render workplaces vulnerable to accidents. We implement the highest quality workmanship and make sure every completed product offers outstanding results.

Every aspect of our work is in full compliance with every industry standard, and consistently exceeds the expectations of our vast client base. Our team consists of skilled and qualified employees and we are a trusted and reputable supplier of ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands. We offer vast choice in order to meet every need and we can manufacture tubes in over 200 sizes and a range of shapes including square, oval and rectangular. Contact us for advice and information regarding our comprehensive steel cutting services.