Delivering the best quality steel tubing

ERW tubes remain popular across many industries because they are easy and cost effective to manufacture, whilst also providing a good amount of strength. They can be made in long lengths then cut to individual sizes to order, speeding up the manufacturing process and providing great savings. We can cut and alter your ERW tubes in a way that suits your needs, ensuring you get the product you require. We use the latest and best cutting equipment to ensure excellent results every time.

When we cut any type of tubing, we also take care of the ends to ensure they are not jagged and hazardous. To do this they are deburred to leave a smooth, even finish. There are several ways to do this, but we always ensure we use gentle methods that won’t harm the even cut. Welds and drilled holes also need deburring to make sure they are properly finished.

As well as the smoothness of the cuts we can also protect the material, particularly when using steel. Steels are often galvanised or coated to give them better corrosion protection. Unfortunately, many providers do this before they cut them to size. Doing so means that the cut edge can start to corrode even when the rest of the tube is protected. You can see similar problems around holes and welds too. To avoid the problem, we coat and finish our ERW tubes after cutting.

ERW tube cutting takes precision to get the right tolerance. It gets more difficult as the diameter and wall thickness of the tubing increases too, but we are well equipped to provide outstanding results on every type of project regardless of how challenging it is.

Whatever your needs, whether you need long lengths of tubing for a pipeline or shorter sections for a prototype product, you can find the ERW tubes you need with us. We have a wealth of manufacturing experience, and our team have the skills to cut a tube quickly, effectively and, above all else, accurately. Whatever tolerance you want we will do all we can to provide it for you.