Cutting your ERW tubes to size

In order to provide our customers with the precise ERW tube products that they require, we provide bespoke, professional cutting services. We can cut ERW tubes into shape with a tight tolerance, ensuring extremely accurate results.

In order to provide the best results for our customers, we use a number of different cutting methods. We can carry out hand cutting, laser cutting and water jet cutting. Hand cutting allows for us to carefully control and measure our accuracy, ensuring fine tolerances for the cut tube. Water jet cutting utilises high powered jets of water or abrasives to deliver a swift cut with a smooth edge, whilst laser cutting allows for pinpoint precision and a clean finish.

We can offer tolerances of up to ± 0.5mm depending on the size of ERW tube that we are cutting. However, we can perform work to even tighter tolerances if necessary. Once the tubes have been cut, we also offer a number of other services to personalise them even further. We can debur them if necessary, creating a smooth finish on the edges, as well as galvanisation to make them stronger and even more resistant to the threat of corrosion. We also offer a number of finishes to add an extra aesthetic touch, including a chrome finish.

Our tubes are available in a variety of shapes, including cylindrical and rectangular, as well as over two hundred different sizes. With modern machinery and highly trained staff, our customers can be fully assured that our services are second to none when it comes to cutting ERW tubes. If needed, we also keep a large stock of generic tubes so that delivery of the tubes that you require can be as swift as possible. Whatever your requirements are, we will provide you with the exact ERW tube or tubes that you need.