ERW Steel Tube

Union Steel Tubes has been in business since 2004. Our work involves providing a range of high calibre tubing products. Mainly, we focus on ERW steel tube merchandise and have an abundance of experience creating it. As a result, we are able to provide top quality products for every customer.

We take care of orders and customers

ERW steel tubeWe are an ISO 9001 Registered Company as well. Because of this, we have quality management in mind at every level. It ensures customers get the very best from us.

One thing we take pride in is our ability to cater for any size order. At the same time, we are still small enough that we can supply you with an outstanding degree of customer care. Our people commit to meeting the highest standards every time too.

On top of this, there is a massive array of choices with our ERW steel tube. Our collection includes over 200 different sizes. With so many options, we are certain we can cover your requirements.

Another fact about our tubes is that they also come in a myriad of shapes. This includes square, oval, round, and rectangular. Even better, we have specialist options like pre-galvanised and seamless. The latter are an alternative to ERW tube if you feel they would not suit your needs.

A less expensive option

If you are wondering why ERW steel tube products are worth the investment, there are actually plenty of reasons. To give an example, these particular tubes are less expensive to produce thanks to the simpler operations.

Saying this, they are by no means inferior to other tubing types because of the lower cost. They will be able to meet your requirements for reliability, longevity, and strength easily. The quality differences between these and other tubes won’t be as large as you expect.

As well as cheaper production, there is also more flexibility and freedom on offer with ERW. For instance, it is possible to generate tubing with a much smaller diameter thanks to the manufacturing technique. If your project comes with particular diameter and size demands, ERW might turn out to be the better choice for you. It will guarantee that you have the precise sizing you need instead of something that has been inaccurately sized.

Start using our quality ERW steel tube today

Whenever a customer works with us, they can take comfort in the fact that they will receive products of the finest quality. We make it a point to test all our tubes carefully before we distribute them. This ensures there is very little chance of faults or flaws.

Speaking of distribution, we aim to deliver everything to you rapidly. For stock items, we tend to get them out the next day. For urgent orders, it is possible for us to offer same day delivery in many circumstances. If you would prefer to, you can also collect the merchandise directly from us.

Union Steel Tubes is able to stand out due to the quality of our ERW steel tube goods. The other details that allow us to succeed are our commitment to an excellent service and the sheer number of options we provide here.

What we want the most is to supply you with tubes that meet all your specifications. So, if there is anything you need to discuss with us, feel free to get in touch.