Steel tubing should be your choice for home plumbing

We supply tubing in a wide array of styles and sizes. This allows us to offer our customers items that suit their individual needs. Due to the wide collection of products we provide and our high standards, we have become the leading ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands has. When you require first rate tubes, you should come to us.

Failing plumbing

ERW steel tube supplier West MidlandsIf you have issues with your plumbing, it may be time for an upgrade. In the past, copper tubes were the top choice. Despite the multitude of advantages though, they are not the most durable and can wear in time due to temperature changes. After three decades, you could find yourself suffering with the likes of pin hole leaks. These can cost you a lot on utilities.

But, what if you were able to employ a tube substance that is simpler to inspect and maintain? You could also choose a material that will do better at withstanding changes in temperature. One of the best alternatives is steel tubing. We are going to explain why this material is a leading choice for plumbing.


One of the main reasons for steel’s extensive use is that it is durable. It has the ability to withstand and tolerate high pressure.


Wastewater and similar liquids can become corrosive with enough time. However, stainless steel is able to endure this. You can choose specific alloys for locales where corrosion is a daily risk.


The tubes are also simple to clean and will last for years. That is great news for plumbing in all kinds of properties because many sections won’t be accessible. Come to us if you need to work with the best ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands has.


Another reason is that stainless steel is actually better for the water you are drinking. A decent alloy won’t need a liner between the steel wall and liquid because of the passive layer. As a result, it won’t leak harmful particles into your water. Any chromium or nickel will be within safe limits. The metal isn’t going to add a particular flavour or taste to the water either.

Opt for stainless steel over copper

It would be a massive step for companies to get rid of copper lines and make stainless steel the dominant plumbing material. At present, it is the current standard for domestic systems needing tubes with a diameter of over six inches. However, copper still finds use for low diameter sections. Stainless steel mainly finds use in commercial and industrial applications.

The biggest ERW steel tube supplier in the West Midlands

At Union Steel Tubes, we can offer you oval, square, rectangular, and round tubing. In addition, there are special options like seamless and pre-galvanised products. Moreover, with over 200 different sizes available, there is plenty of variety here.

So, please get in touch if you need help from the foremost ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands has. We can suggest products for all kinds of applications.