Wood has nothing on steel tubing

We have been working for over 15 years in the tubing industry. As a result, our team has a considerable amount of experience of products and the needs of different businesses. This allows us to perform first class work for all of our customers. So, whenever you need ERW tube, we can provide the best ones available.

An extremely important element about the utensils you use for your projects is the material. Choosing the proper one ensures that your project will be successful. After all, if you select something with the wrong properties, you may have big issues. With that being said, we want to compare steel tubing to wood. It isn’t something people normally do, but it can be important for some applications.


ERW tubeWhen evaluating the two, there is a lot of ground to cover. We will begin at strength. Surprisingly, some varieties of wood are stronger than steel. Due to modern treatment and manufacturing techniques, you can make them to withstand more fatigue and stress. You can attribute this to wood’s cellular composition. There is also its capacity to compress under pressure.

However, these methods take time and cost a lot of money. The real deal breaker here though is that unlike steel tubing, wood cracks and splits over time. That causes concerns about failure. Another fact is that steel tube strength is capable of outperforming wood through multiple processing methods and alloy additions.


Next, there is the weight. Steel tubing is 12x denser than wood in general. But, you can manufacture the tubes to weigh less. This is without compromising on longevity, durability, and strength. Steel tubing is perfect for projects where weight must be a consideration. If you are in need of quality ERW tube, feel free to call us.


With durability, steel tubing is the clear winner too. Steel does not bend, warp, or rot as easily as wood. Furthermore, it can endure water and fire damage, and heavy impacts. Wooden products might have once been popular in frames for things like hot tubs. However, most manufacturers made the move over to steel tubes because of their capacity to stand up to the elements and tough jobs.


Lastly, we will discuss longevity. Steel tubing wins here once again. An inorganic substance, the alloys are not vulnerable to ageing in the way that wood is. Since it is less durable, wood needs far more upkeep and maintenance over its lifespan too. Even if you treat it, timber absorbs moisture, leading to it contracting and expanding. That means it won’t last forever.

You have optimum ERW tube choice with us

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So, if you wish to do business with us, you can get in touch to let us know what ERW tube you need. We can even provide suggestions if you are unsure.