There are various ways to remove rust from ERW tubes

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Key factors

ERW tubesOne of the most popular uses of metal tubing is the creation of gas and oil pipelines. However, there are several key factors to consider here to decide the anti-corrosion service life of these systems. You must think about the conditions, surface quality, and more.

An important thing to look at is the surface treatment of ERW tubing. You need to ensure it is consistent, especially along the weld. However, an anti-corrosion layer’s life depends on the construction environment. In addition, the quality and type of coating are also crucial. With that in mind, the service life can vary greatly.

While you want the tubing to resist corrosion for as long as possible, there may be a time when it starts to appear. This can happen because of damage or the anti-corrosion layer reaching the end of its life. If you find yourself having to remove rust from your ERW tubes, there are multiple methods you can use.

Normal cleaning

Firstly, you can use emulsions and solvents to cleanse the surface. This can help with removing lubricants, dust, grease, and oil. However, you can’t use it for welding flux and oxide scale. It may not be very effective at removing rust on the surface either. As such, it is only useful as an auxiliary means of cleaning.


Broadly there are two methods to use here (electrolysis and chemical). Pipeline anti-corrosion only utilises chemical pickling. This disposes of old coatings, rust, and oxide scale on ERW tubes and more. As for chemical cleaning, you can obtain a specific level of roughness and cleanliness on the exterior. Yet, the anchor lines are shallow. They can pollute the surrounding environment with ease.

De-rusting utensils

Many people use wire brushes and similar tools to polish the steel surface. This can remove welding slag, rust, and loose oxide scale. But, if you have solid oxide scales on the tubing, it is preferable to avoid this method.

Spray rust removal

This is driven via a high-power motor that makes the jet blades rotate at extreme speeds. What this does is spray the abrasives onto the ERW tube’s surface at a high force. The process can remove dirt, rust, and oxides entirely.

Start using our ERW tubes

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