Galvanising coating defects and how to handle them

We have been taking care of ERW tube orders from various industries for many years now. To ensure that everyone can get the tubing they need, we provide them in a range sizes and shapes. As well as being high in quality, our tubes are fairly priced too. So, we give everyone an affordable means of securing these essential products.

A protective coating that can go wrong

ERW tubeGalvanisation is a highly cost efficient protective coating for metal products. Even we offer our tubes in pre-galvanised forms. A professional service will generate a robust barrier against corrosion. Like a number of other procedures though, it can go wrong. This can result in a number of defects.

There are numerous factors at play during galvanisation. What we are going to do in this post is provide details on the common defects and how they influence the metal items. In addition, we will look at what you can do to avoid them.

Bare spots

As you can probably guess, these are sections where there is no galvanisation on the surface of your metal item. They happen because you did not prepare properly prior to starting. It usually occurs due to grease, spatter, cavities, pickling, and similar imperfections on the metal’s profile.

Smaller bare spots may not have a big impact on the metal item’s usability. Larger spots will need repair though. There are methods such as using zinc paint to coat the spots. Alternatively, you can use a zinc spray. Give us a call if you need quality ERW tube products.

Inclusions (dross pimples)

Dross is a zinc-iron alloy. It settles at the bottom of the metal bath but has the potential to become agitated when the dripping process happens. As a result, it may end up getting trapped in the coating. What this does is generate little protrusions or dimples on the surface.

The defect won’t affect the metal’s corrosion resistance much. But, it can still leave an item unusable. The reason is that the dimples make the exterior rougher so it becomes more vulnerable to mechanical damage.

What to do?

In order to prevent such defects, it is a good idea to inspect the castings, assemblies, and other components. You need to make sure all the metal pieces are appropriate for galvanising. Only then can the process begin and provide a good result.

We take great care with our ERW tube

At Union Steel Tubes, we are always careful when producing our products. This is why our goods are known for their quality. We have processes in place to ensure we meet the highest standards. This includes properly preparing metals, using the correct tooling, and testing everything.

So, if you would like to order first rate ERW tube, you are welcome to speak to us. You can even rely on us if you need recommendations for your project.