You can get a lot of use out of square tubes

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Many industries value square tubing

Several industries value the benefits of square tubing thanks to its versatility. Similar to other metal products, these tubes have proven their value. This has primarily been attributed to their long-lasting nature, durability, and performance. It is not surprising that the applications for them are extremely wide in scope.


One of the uses of square tubing is as columns. You can employ them to create a network of these supports. It is one of its more appropriate uses because the tube can take on different loads. It can do so despite the material variation.

Contrary to what people believe, square tubing’s hollow form is still able to support heavy loads. It could even be more advantageous than options with solid shapes such as concrete columns. This is mainly due to the tubes being lightweight. What it does is offer the tube an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio. Said ratio rivals that of PVC, wood, and pure concrete.

It is true that you can set square tubes up as full-on column structures on their own. However, you can merge them with concrete as well. Doing so will augment tensile strength and strengthen the structure. Concrete is a semi-brittle substance. Thus, adding in these tubes allows them to endure physical impacts better. You can also lower construction costs.


ERW steel tube supplier West MidlandsAnother application for square tubes would be fencing. They could be agricultural or residential in nature. With the former, the tube can offer you a safe enclosure to protect livestock, harvests, and machinery. Within contemporary residential properties, the square tube is a suitable option for garden areas, separated spaces, and backyards.

With machinable tubes, you can cut and shape them to different sizes. You can do so to build something that meets your requirements.

If you compare to different fencing materials, square tubing is also more practical. The tubes together create a cohesive barricade to give a site or building excellent protection. Contact us if you would like to work with the best ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands has.

Entry gates

Square tubing makes for the ideal option here. Homeowners striving to complete their modern or ultramodern house will want the finish and appeal of these tubes. There is the functionality to consider too.

Usually, any residential gate is going to enhance the property’s security. Square tube takes things a step further though. It does this by introducing a design element. For instance, cold formed tubes are extremely malleable and ductile. This lets you adapt them into different designs. Moreover, you can fit the final products with other contemporary home solutions. Examples include access control, turnstiles, and automatic gate openers.

Room dividers

The final use we want to look at is dividers. They can be decorative as well as serving a function of splitting up an interior.

If you intend to set some dividers up, you are best off selecting square tubing over other materials. They can do an excellent job, even in extreme environments. They are generally low maintenance too, especially if you choose tube with a protective coating to withstand corrosion and wear.

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