Everyone from property owners to farmers can use steel tubes

We provide a series of specialist tubing products that are the highest quality. Whenever people need ERW tube, they know we are the provider they can come to. Our team supplies tubes in various shapes and sizes. In addition, we have a steel processing and cutting service. This enables us to supply tubing with more specific features.

Steel tubes have all sorts of applications that go beyond common uses like pipes. In fact, you can see them in a multitude of industries. Examples include architecture, petrochemical, and agricultural.

Since steel is an alloy, it is very durable. So, despite the hollow structures that come with tubes, they can put up with high pressure and heat that comes with constant use. It is also possible to employ heat treatment strategies to enhance key characteristics. This can include hardenability, machinability, and strength. It makes the utensils more appropriate for use and capable of putting up with more wear and tear.

Automotive exhausts

ERW tubeOne use of the ERW tube is automotive exhausts. The important thing to keep in mind here is that there are massive heat levels to deal with. Steel is a great choice and will lower the danger of damage to the tubing.

Steel tubes are durable too. They can retain their function and shape for the exhaust system. Other materials are capable of overheating and becoming a burden to the vehicle. Luckily it won’t happen with steel; it will actually augment the performance. It also lowers the requirement for part replacements and maintenance.

Condenser tubes

You can commonly find condensers in turbines, pressure vessels, and HVAC systems. Their purpose is heat exchange. Such components need frequent checks. This is to guarantee there is no pitting, cracking, or leaking issues.

Steel tubes are a wonderful option for condenser tubing because they are extremely corrosion resistant. Pitting here is nearly impossible to rectify. Additionally, such problems are hard to identify. They can cause the whole condenser to fail. For this reason, robust materials like steel are best.

At the same time, the ERW tube is easy to install. You can securely handle and fit it using the right fittings. Plus, it is easier to use if you need replacements for current tubing.

Irrigation systems

Steel tubes have seen a lot of use in agriculture too, particularly with these systems. To put it simply, irrigation is a plant health maintenance technique. It is a water transfer and distribution method that is more convenient than watering plants manually.

These tubes could merely be utilised as vessels to move the water that is always flowing in irrigation set ups. They don’t need much maintenance thanks to their durability. Anyone using steel tube in such systems will save money on expensive and avoidable repairs.


You can use steel tubes in gates as well, whether they are for farms, residential properties, or even public buildings. You could form and shape the tube for use to limit access to any kind of site. The tubing is substantially more durable than other substances. Furthermore, you can machine them into a plethora of sizes to create a secure enclosure.

What’s more, you can galvanise ERW tube to amplify the qualities and appearance. The galvanisation can produce a more exquisite and brighter finish. Other materials will lack this. So, you can enhance the aesthetics of the property.

Electrical conduits

Said conduits are mainly used within electrical systems to reroute and safeguard cables. You can use many materials for them, but metal is a popular choice. Steel tubes in particular are good because they are robust and can protect the cabling. You can also choose options like stainless steel or galvanised to make them corrosion resistant.

We quickly deliver quality ERW tube

At Union Steel Tubes, we provide quality products and aim to have them ready to send to clients rapidly. For stock items, we normally arrange this for next day delivery. However, if there is an emergency, we may be able to offer same-day delivery. It can take longer to create bespoke tubing, but we will still keep production time to a minimum.

To ensure quality, we also test every ERW tube as well. This is one of the reasons we are a leader in our industry. So, if you would like to work with us, you are welcome to get in touch.