Rectangular steel tubes serve their users well

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Industries rely on rectangular tubes

Many industries depend on the benefits that come with rectangular tubes. Like other steel products, they are revered for their cost effectiveness, long lifespan, and durability. Another fact is that they are extremely weldable to achieve individual forms. They can cater to an impressive list of applications. For example, the versatility ranges from modern fences to structural framing.

In this post, we will be going over all the important facts about rectangular tube. We hope it will help to showcase why it is such a good option.

What are they?

ERW steel tubes West MidlandsPrior to diving deeper into the uses of these tubes, it is essential that you understand what they are. Knowing how we manufacture them is important too. There are different methods here. In some cases it will be extrusion to take a steel billet and extrude through dies and brakes. This can create a seamless tube.

Alternatively, the process can be starting with a coil of round tube and uncoiling and flattening it. In some situations the tubing can start as steel sheets or strips before bending and rolling. Inner welding can create the cross-sectional appearances.

Before being distributed, you are also able to apply finishing options to the tubes. This is done to amplify the corrosion resistance, durability, and other desirable characteristics.

The tubing’s benefits

These tubes are primarily made of stainless or mild steel. Right away that opens up a world of possibilities. They can serve countless applications across many industries. This is because of the versatility and other positive attributes.

Rectangular steel tubes possess wonderful tensile strength. They can also offer great levels of support. For this reason, they have a lot of use as structural framing.

Other benefits exist as well. For example, the tube can have long lifespans, and put up with extreme environmental factors. The latter is possible with stainless steel or mild steel if you get finishing like galvanisation.

In addition, the tubes are easy to install in various settings. The only issue here is you may need lifting equipment to help position it.

You can weld tube easily too, opening up even more uses. In fact, it is easy to customise tubing to meet various project demands.

Lastly, rectangular tubing offers superior rigidity. This is when you compare to steel angles and channels.

The uses

These tubes have experienced a steady increase in development. As a result, it is understandable that they would have various uses.


For one, rectangular tube is extensively used in construction projects as hollow structural sections. These are good for steel framing. The framework generally has to deal with extreme pressure from multiple directions, so steel tubing is a top choice.

Contrary to what you might believe, rectangular tubing’s hollow form is still able to bear loads. These tubes might actually be more suitable for framing applications than other building materials. Examples include pure concrete, PVC, and wood.

Because of the outstanding tensile strength, the tube is great for supporting structures. It is true that rectangular tubes can be stand-alone framing. However, you can also combine them with concrete to augment the strength. Come to us if you need the best ERW steel tubes West Midlands has.

Bridges and fences

These are two more interesting applications for rectangular tubes. Steel is famous for its strength so it is a common choice for bridges. Rectangle tube is good here because it can withstand dynamic and dead loads more effectively.

When selecting materials for fencing, you cannot go wrong with rectangular steel tubing. The tube can handle extreme environments and will look great for years. Mild steel tube can be sandblasted, powder-coated, or galvanised to withstand corrosion as well. Or you can choose stainless.

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