Working with automotive ERW tubes

As a specialist provider of ERW tubes, we do everything in our power to make certain that customers are satisfied with their products. Stocking a wide assortment of sizes and shapes, we are capable of meeting all sorts of client specifications. Whatever it is you require, be it something circular, oval, square, or rectangular, we are the people who can give it to you.

Hollow tubes aren’t as sturdy as solid cylinders that possess the same diameter. However, they are more robust and can save a lot of weight. It is for this reason why tube steel is utilised to construct race car frames, high-stress components like suspension units and sway bars, and roll structures. Tubing is also employed by manufacturers to create exhaust pipes, as well as intake manifolds on occasion. The material is used near universally across the automotive sector.

With structural automotive fabrication, three types of tubing are used more commonly than any other. The one we are most familiar with is that of ERW tubes (Electric Resistance Welding). This is a flattened chunk of steel that’s been rolled and welded afterwards to produce a tube. The whole seam is welded along the tube’s length by a contraption that bears similarities to a spot welder.

Certain bodies permit the use of ERW tube for their constructs. If you happen to be using them in a structural situation, you must remember that the weld, which manifests as a blue sort of line on your tube, tends to be positioned on your bend’s interior. Should you attempt to stretch your weld on the bend’s exterior, your welded zone shall become debilitated. If this is allowed to occur, it can potentially crack whilst bending, or even after it’s been integrated into the vehicle.

At Union Steel Tubes, because we are an ISO 9001 registered institution, we can manage orders of any size, but at the same time, we’re still able to offer our customers an outstanding degree of care. Prior to shipping, all of the ERW tubes undergo an exhaustive assessment to determine if there are any faults present, and are then shipped after being given the all clear.

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