Your metal is nothing without the proper edge

Ours is a company that has always worked its hardest to develop high quality products for its customers. Possessing outstanding expertise, we have become an established provider of ERW steel tubes West Midlands clients can come to for bespoke products. We are able to manufacture tubing that meets your every requirement. Designed to last and tested extensively prior to distribution, we achieve consistently high standards.

Properly assembling the edge of the metal strips before they enter the electric resistance welding tubing mill shall make all the difference to the final design. In order to obtain the desired results, you must first ensure that your preparation techniques are sufficient.

If you intend to achieve an excellent weld edges will need to match up to a reasonable standard. During the process of creating ERW tubing and piping, this step is essential. The perfect edge is near impossible to attain steadily through the use of single rotary side trimming single-width coils, or sitting master coils and side trimming.

With rotary side trimming of single-width, side trimming and sitting of a master coil into numerous strands, and hot-rolled coils, it’s vital that you remove your substances from each coil side equally. This will leave a skelp strand behind that possesses an adequate width for welding, forming, and sizing.

In addition, three rudimentary but important procedures have to be managed properly when generating ERW tubing. The mill operator has to be in control of the ERW process itself, skelp forming, and skelp edge provisions. If all three are overseen efficiently, there shouldn’t be too many issues.

At Union Steel Tubes, we stock tubes of varying sizes and shapes, enabling us to meet a large assortment of customer specifications. Aside from our regular collection, we also offer random and cut length products, which provide the same quality that you’ll find with everything else.

If you are interested in doing business with us, please contact the company. We are proud to be one of the most decorated providers of ERW steel tubes West Midlands clients can work with.