Weld chatter and how it can be overcome

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Weld chatter is one of the untold number of issues that is encountered by tube fabricators. In order to prevent it from interfering in our operations, we must understand what it is and how it comes about. We would like to discuss both of these here for you.

For those who don’t know, weld chatter is the lack of ability to obtain a clean cut of the exterior weld bead once welding has finished. The scarf knife begins chattering and generates a rough or ribbed cut on the tubing’s OD (outside diameter). In the majority of end merchandise manufactured by the tubing and piping sectors, this is deemed impermissible.

To halt weld chatter, one can employ several methods. Your scarf knife should ideally come with a somewhat bigger radius than your tube’s OD. By doing this, you will be presented with a concentric, clean cut. After using the scarf stand, an ironing pass is best brought in. As you might have guessed from the name, it sand irons out those hot deformities that the knife may have left in its wake. Something else it accomplishes is adding amazing levels of stability to scarfing efforts.

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