The truth about pre-galvanised material

Tubing is the focus here at our company. Specifically, we work with ERW variants, providing numerous sizes and shapes to clients in order to meet their unique requirements. Aside from the standard oval, square, rectangular, and circular designs, we also supply the likes of pre-galvanised and seamless models. As one of the foremost ERW steel tube suppliers West Midlands businesses can work with, we are the people to call if your applications demand such remarkable tubing.

Within the gas and oil transmission sector, a myriad of materials are designated to be zinc-coated, ERW tubes included. This is done in an effort to bestow supreme corrosion resistance upon them. A handful of approaches exist for galvanisation, including the likes of pre-galvanising and hot-dip. The chosen method will largely depend on what the product’s purpose is to be and the environment that it shall be introduced to.

Pre-galvanised is the one that we are most familiar with, and it refers to tubing that has undergone the galvanisation process while it was still in sheet form. After a sheet has been passed through the mill to be galvanised, it is then cut to the appropriate size and recoiled. The tube’s thickness shall be 12 ┬Ám at minimum.

One of the main benefits of adopting the pre-galvanised technique is that the tube’s aesthetics end up being superior to what they would’ve been like if other methods were used. In terms of merchandise, substances that undergo this procedure are used for the likes of open and lip channels, and conduits.

At Union Steel Tubes, to guarantee that customers receive only the highest quality products everything is subject to extensive testing prior to being shipped. In stock items tend to be delivered the day after being requested, but should the need be urgent, same-day delivery is available.

If there are specifications that you’d like us to go over with you, you’re more than welcome to contact us. We have become one of the best ERW steel tube suppliers West Midlands businesses can call on because we can meet various needs.