Safety comes first when storing your tubes

Since 2004, our team of tubing specialists have worked their hardest to deliver the highest quality products to all sorts of clients. Specialising in ERW tubes in particular, we can offer you an extensive list of merchandise that comes in a myriad of shapes and sizes. This enables us to meet a wide variety of customer requirements, making us quite flexible overall. As one of the best providers in the whole of the UK, we are the people to contact if you find yourself in need of such tube.

Every kind of material that you use demands its own distinct manner of transportation, handling, and storage. Steel tubes are no different, even if they are designed to be strong and durable. If proper care is not taken they can be damaged and may become unsuitable for their purpose.

Additionally, many types of specialised fittings, implements, and attachments are utilised whilst handling the steel. Each of these must be examined prior to use, and be properly maintained and stored to make certain that everyone stays safe. If you wish to preserve the safety of your own working environment, here are some tips that you need follow when overseeing steel tubing.

There are multitudes of hazards that exist with steel tubing storage. Said hazards consist of the material rolling, sliding, and slipping. To prevent these situations from occurring, ensure that everything is restrained correctly.

If your racking and shelving systems aren’t suitably built for storage, they can end up collapsing. Shelves and racking set ups have to be crossed-braced if you intend to stop potential collapses. Ensuring you test the load and never overload the shelves.

At Union Steel Tubes, we have the means to meet orders for ERW tubes of any size and provide an outstanding level of customer care at the same time. Over 200 different sizes of tubing are stocked at our premises, but if you wish us to, we can use our cutting services to supply our goods in cut and random lengths.

If you would like to discuss your specifications with us, you’re more than welcome to do so.