All about ERW tube made from quality steel

Union Steel is an ERW tube supplier based in the West Midlands. Having been established since 2004, we have built a solid reputation of being a versatile and reliable tubing provider.

An ERW (electric resistance weld) steel tube is usually produced from individual sheets or from continuous rolls of skelp. The tube can be made in a range of sizes, ensuring it meets your specifications.

The difference in the process of producing the ERW tube when compared to the CW tube is important. ERW tubing is cold formed into its cylindrical shape rather than hot formed. Also, rather than using a flame to heat the edges, an electric current is used for the fusion weld.

What else is involved?
For effective welding, copper discs revolve to serve as electrodes in order to raise the temperature to about 2600F. With a CW tube no extra metal is added. Due to the high pressure of the rolls, steel is actually extruded on both sides of the tube at the point of the weld. Whilst it is still white hot, the excess material is removed by stationary cutters.

Where are ERW tubes used?
An ERW tube is primarily used as API line pipes, for the transmission of oil and gas. These tubes can also be used for the movement of water, for uses in mechanical applications, and as a slurry pipe.

The major industries that value the use of ERW tubes are oil companies, steel fabricators, utility companies, pipe distributors, and even government agencies. The tubing can effectively meet an array of specifications, especially when it is finished with care.

Union Steel can provide our clients with the high quality ERW tube, all designed to your needs. Our engineers are skilled and innovative when it comes to the production of our products. This is to ensure neat and smooth results. Our services are fast and reliable; however don’t worry, as this does not compromise the quality.

If you require our services, please get in touch with Union Steel.