Consider how cutting affects welding

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Many questions are asked on the subject of welding tubes. Be they about working with high-pressure tubes, or those more suited to gas and oil industries like our own ERW tubing, there are a series of typical aspects seen in tube fabrication and welding that result in numerous issues. As businesses are being pushed to work with new substances, heighten safety, train new fabricators, and amplify productivity and quality, it’s vital to concentrate on those specific variables in the fabrication procedure that can influence these efforts.

When welders use those materials that are more vulnerable to distortion and the effects of a more substantial heat input, like aluminium and stainless steel for instance, a terrible cut can lead to an inadequate fit-up and produce unneeded gaps. The workers then compensate by placing more filler metal and by extension more heat, into the joints so they can fill them. The extra heat not only lowers the metal’s corrosion resistant abilities, but it also results in distortion. There’s also the possibility of this act leading to either an overabundance of or lack of penetration.

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