Why do I have high water pressure?

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When you picture issues linked to water pressure, normally you think of not having enough for showers. However, what you might not know is that having too much is just as problematic. It is more harmful over the long term than the inconveniences of low pressure. What we want to do here is discuss the reasons why it can be so high.

Why is it bad to have high pressure?

ERW tubeLet’s start by going into detail on why high water pressure is a negative.

One reason is it damages your tubes and plumbing. Water isn’t an element you should reckon with. Even if you have superior tube and plumbing systems, excessive pressure will hasten the plumbing’s wear and tear. It’ll do this at break-neck speeds. That isn’t something you want.

Next, due to all the potential wear and tear, you’ll begin seeing leaks. These tend to pop up around the valves, taps, and joints. Even small leaks can cause big issues like property damage.

The leaking leads into our next problem, which is water wastage. Whether it is just drips or a flood, a lot of resources will go to waste. Furthermore, it will have a big impact on your water bill.

Finally, and arguably worst of all, having too much water pressure ruins appliances. Your shower, toilet, installations like taps, dishwasher and washing machine can have their lifespans reduced. It can even damage ERW tube.

Why does it happen?

Now, let’s go over the reasons why high water pressure can become a thing.

Firstly, it could be because you are living in a hilly location. If so, it only makes sense that the local supplier of water needs to heighten the pressure of their output supply. Otherwise, the water wouldn’t reach the homes on the highest hills.

Another reason could be that you live close to tall buildings. This works on the same logic as the last one. Condos, skyscrapers, and office building tend to come with their own collection of water pump systems. In addition, the water supplier could be requested to increase the pressure to help pumps. Thus, it will surpass what is necessary for your residential, non-high rise property.

Living in a low area/zone is another reason. This relates to physics, particularly with the way gravity works. Let’s say your water source distributes at a sensible pressure to a city or neighbourhood. Even here, if you have a home in a valley, the pressure will usually increase on its path to homes thanks to gravity.

Having a faulty regulator can cause you trouble as well. When, due to the reasons mentioned before, the pressure exceeds the standard, you may install a device to regulate it. They work to maintain the standard level. But, if regulators wear out, they start failing to do it. As a result, it’s crucial to ensure you check and replace them.

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