Do I have mould in my water tubes?

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Mould can cause many problems

ERW tubeTube issues, no matter how small or big, can cause all kinds of problems for your property. Mould is one of the biggest. It usually occurs when there are leaks and moisture builds up within and around your water tubes. It results in the gradual deterioration of your tubing, leading to a mould infestation.

Now, you are probably wondering what the signs of water tubes having mould are. Moulds are often hidden, making them difficult to detect in a building. We want to help you in recognising the signs of issues before irreparable damage occurs. Read on to discover what they are, then come to us if you need ERW tube.

Does it smell?

The first sign is a sour smell in your running water. The mildew-like and sour odour of mould is strongest when you turn a tap on. If there is no trouble with your tubes, running your water should not produce any noticeable smells. But, when there is a sour one, you probably have mould in your tube.

A good idea here is to leave the water running for a while and look at how long the smell persists. What it can do is show you how deep the mould goes. When you smell mould, avoid your water for a time. Afterwards, search for the other signs we are going to discuss.

Growths close to water fixtures

Mould can be growing in your tubes if it is visible on the fixtures. Let’s say you see it grow around your appliances, valves, taps, and plumbing. If so, you likely have it in your tubes too, whether they are ERW tube or another style. It could have started there or spread after growing on the exterior.

Is there mould anywhere else?

Have a look for mould spots around your house as well. Moulds that thrive with water sources and tubes can go anywhere in your property. It could be on walls, floors, counters, and other porous exteriors. Anything coming into frequent contact can also begin growing it.

Things you clean using water can become new vessels for growth too, especially if you use excessive amounts and don’t dry properly. Stay vigilant here as your property might be mouldy from one end of the structure to another.

Dirt-like growths

Another sign is dirt-like growths around the toilet. Ensure you look at places where water sits still for long stretches of time. Your toilet tank and bowl are typically places where mould does not grow. Yet, it is a possibility. If you spot a growth that looks like dirt, it can be a sign that mould is growing through the tubes.

Smells from different sources

Strong mould smells in your water tank are a sign too. Examine your tanks if you own any. These sitting water containers could be full of it if it’s got into your tubes. Open your tanks up if you experience that sour, mildew-like smell. If you notice it, your tank will probably have a mould problem.

You can also get mouldy smells following a shower. If you get a smell like laundry that is too damp after a bath or shower, you could be washing in contaminated water.

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