Is it time to replace your galvanised tubes?

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You might have experienced trouble with your water recently. There is a chance your building utilises galvanised tubes for its supply lines. The tube is the industry standard and very reliable. But, you still need to maintain and replace them when necessary. If you’re having problems with your plumbing, the tubing is probably at fault. Putting off any replacements can cause more harm to your structure.

With all of the above in mind, let’s look at the plumbing system and go over the signs that you need to replace your tubes. Then, if you need products from the best ERW steel tube supplier in the West Midlands, you can come to us.

The plumbing system

ERW steel tube supplier West MidlandsFirstly, you need to know that plumbing systems are primarily comprised of galvanised tubes. The tube always gets exposed to various elements. In particular, they have constant contact with humidity, air, and water. All three are the leading causes of corrosion.

The galvanisation process is one that augments durability. Specifically, it produces a protective layer on the metal’s exterior. This functions by protecting the metal from environmental elements and stops corrosion. Consequently, galvanised tubes have a considerably extended usable life compared to other designs.

However, galvanisation does not protect your tubes from harsh elements forever. In some cases they can last up to seven decades. But, the tubes themselves must be high quality. If they aren’t or there are issues with galvanising, they can deteriorate after 30 or 40 years.

Your utensils could be coming to the end of their usable lives. If so, you may need to talk to the top ERW steel tube supplier in the West Midlands. The issues with your water are probably due to failing, so replacement will be vital. There may be several signs this is the case.

Discoloured water

Have you noticed that the water coming out of your shower or tap is brown? Maybe the smell is a bit metallic. Whatever it is, it could be an early warning sign that you must replace your tubes.

The water may be discolouring because of wear. As time passes, the interior walls of your tubes deteriorate. Small pieces of metal will fall into your water. This can result in appearance and smell changes. Leaving your water in this state can influence your fixtures with time. Mineral debris will accumulate around the openings.

For those unsure whether their water is discoloured, you can test the clarity. Fill a clear glass from the tap then inspect it. You should spot a noticeable reddish-brown tinge. Or, there will be a metal-like smell.

Fluctuating pressure

Every water fixture on your property should possess roughly the same water pressure constantly. That is how a well-functioning system works. But, you may notice water is coming out far more slowly in specific areas. It could be quicker in some cases. If you notice this, something is likely wrong with your tubes.

These water pressure fluctuations can come from an uneven build-up of rust or similar debris. It accumulates in your tube. In some scenarios, this can result in blockages that restrict water pressure. Additionally, it can produce a funnel capable of pushing the pressure up.

Whatever the circumstances, water pressure differences are a warning sign that you should check your tubes. If you don’t, the tube could start leaking or burst. As a result, it will be more expensive to fix these issues.

Lead in the water

This is one of the most difficult signs to spot. Older galvanised tubes made in the 60s were dipped into naturally occurring zinc. It is an impure substance, one holding trace amounts of lead. So, over time it can leach into the water. You may need to contact a water quality expert or plumber to run some tests.

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