Recutting ERW tubes

When people choose ERW tubes, you want them to last a long time. There are lots of things you can do to help with this, including choosing steels with high strength and corrosion resistance. If you have concerns about rust, you can even choose finishes like galvanisation and painting.

However, there may still be issues in time due to wear and tear. It can damage any kind of protective coating. If it exposes the raw metal underneath, rusting can begin. The corrosion can happen quickly in some settings.

What you may end up with is a situation where you need to do a repair. A great option here is recutting the tube. We want to have a look at how it works and what it means for your tubing.

What is it?

ERW tubesA recut is the removal of material after the initial manufacturing. So, what it means with ERW tubes is literally cutting out the piece that is suffering from corrosion. You can do this accurately, ensuring you get the entire affected area.

Next you can cut and add a new piece of steel to replace the section that has been removed. You then weld to bond the parts together. The welding needs to be precise. Testing is a good idea to make sure there are no flaws.

The final step is to recoat the tube. You begin with a primer as a first layer of defence against corrosive elements. It also creates the right base for subsequent layers. You can then paint or use a galvanising spray, ensuring a complete coating.


As you can see, the recutting process is relatively simple. It is a good way to repair ERW tubes without having to replace an entire length. This can be far more cost effective and much less disruptive.

If you do recut tubes though, you need to adapt your maintenance plan. While you should be proactive with maintaining the tube anyway, it will need checks more often following repair. The thing to keep in mind is cutting a section out and replacing it creates the potential for more issues. So, you need to inspect it more often for leaks and corrosion.

Do you need high quality ERW tubes?

The tubing is excellent for all kinds of needs, including lines for carrying water, gas, and other low pressure resources. Union Steel Tubes has products to cater for a massive range of requirements. It includes a large choice of sizes and unbeatable freedom when it comes to the lengths. We do cutting in house to maximise the precision. Then, we can finish with galvanisation or other options.

So, if you need ERW tubes, contact us and choose a reliable UK provider. We have a great reputation and would be happy to assist you in selecting products for your project.