What are the best times to replace tubes in commercial spaces?

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The difference with commercial properties

ERW steel tubes West MidlandsThese buildings tend to contain more individuals if you compare to other structures. As you’d expect, the infrastructure here can experience far more stress than ones in residential locales. The tubing in particular is understandably constructed to be sturdier. As a result, it can go on for longer. But, it won’t last forever. A time when you need to sort out a re-tubing service for your commercial property will arrive.

The longer your plumbing system has been in position, the more wear it has experienced. Expect broken parts or malfunctions. For these problems, you’d often just need repairs. But, when you have an entire system that is out of date, you could need an upgrade. It is the same if repairs alone won’t work.

Signs exist that tell you re-tubing is necessary. To discover more about the specific times when you should get this service, continue reading.

Older buildings

One of these times is if you have an old building. The top thing to consider is your building’s age and its plumbing system. Something you’ll learn is that corrosion is normal and gradually occurs over time. This is the case regardless of the tubing’s quality.

Let’s say you’re aware that the structure has existed since the 70s. It could be due for a complete re-tubing. There could be a lot of damage after so many decades of service. Also, the tube material may be outdated.

Your water is discoloured

This is one of the main warning signs something is wrong with your tubes. Brown water could mean rusty tube. Even though it is not technically a health hazard, having rust in water isn’t pleasant. If you don’t do anything, it can begin to colour your porcelain sink, clothes, and taps. In commercial buildings, rusty water can rapidly make comfort rooms unprofessional and unsightly. It can also damage equipment.

Due to the sizes of commercial structures, it is far harder to figure out if the rust is from the tube or primary water source. Have someone come in to look at your tubing. Then let us know if you need the best ERW steel tubes West Midlands has.

Frequent repairs

You could find yourself doing repairs on a regular basis. It is normal that commercial plumbing will need some upkeep. However, you might notice that issues are popping up more frequently. If you do, the situation can be worse than you realise and may require a full upgrade.

Tubes in commercial spaces lose durability and become more susceptible to corrosion with time. When there are too many repairs, your tubes may be reaching the end of their functional lives. Commercial structures come with more complex plumbing systems. So, it is preferable to catch the issue before things get out of hand.

Low water pressure

This is also something to watch out for. A multitude of things can cause low pressure. However, there might be nothing obvious that is leading to the drops. It could be the declining integrity of your tubes. Corrosion can lessen the quantity of water that can flow in them as it shrinks the clearance away. When there is less water in your tubes, there will be weaker water pressure.


Having mould on the ceiling and walls of a commercial structure might be evidence of continuous leaks within the plumbing. Leaks are among the most common problems with tubes. There are all sorts of things that cause them, such as clogs, bad installation, and tree roots. If you have leaks caused by aged tube, they might be beyond repair. Get replacements as soon as possible to prevent further mould complications.

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