Scaffolding maintenance done right

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Maintenance and safety

ERW steel tube supplier West MidlandsCorrect maintenance and safety go hand in hand. With the construction industry, achieving both is essential. It’s for this reason that utensils are among the first considerations prior to building anything.

Of all the construction tools you can use, the most common is scaffolding. It is one of many structures built using tubes. Almost every worker uses it to do their jobs. So, understanding the greatest scaffolding tips will ensure your equipment remains maintained. As a result, your workers will stay safe on site.

What we are going to do here is talk about the ways in which you can maintain your scaffolding.


One thing you’ll want to do is clean scaffolding before storage. It is good practice to do it after each use. Things like tar, wet cement, paint, and mud can spill and coat scaffold with ease. If you fail to remove any of them, they could harden and damage your installation.

Before cleaning takes place, you need to dismantle the structure entirely. This will enable you to remove dirt properly.


Secondly, you need to store everything properly. This is true whether you choose products from the best ERW steel tube supplier in the West Midlands or elsewhere.

The storage could include stacking and racking. You need to keep parts somewhere that is safe from humidity, heat, and other elements. It will ensure you don’t speed up corrosion and deterioration.

During the dismantling and storing process, people have a habit of rushing. Such work can take a lot of time. But, carelessness leads to its own issues. They will only add to your costs. So, see to it that workers have the training to dismantle and store scaffolding properly.

Certain storage solutions could be temporary depending on your projects. But, you shouldn’t stack pieces in manners that will result in bending or denting.

Training here needs to include how to organise parts as well. This will help you locate everything swiftly in time for your next project.


Something else you need to do is use lubricant to stop deterioration and rust. It is easy for scaffolding to corrode and wear down when exposed to the elements. Yet, due to the way they’re used, you cannot avoid exposure during projects.

Fortunately, you can provide some extra protection to keep them safe and functional. This is doable thanks to metal lubricants. With decent lubrication, the moving and detachable parts get protection from degradation and rust for longer.

Another fact about lubrication is that it lowers friction between components. This enhances the scaffolding’s lifespan, safety, and sturdiness. You’ll be able to use it during the whole project.


You’ll also want to protect wooden components. Included here are planks. They get bracketed together to supply platforms and support. The metal may be able to survive exposure to rain, but wood will become rotten and can warp under these conditions. Smaller metal components like nuts and bolts are also more likely to corrode and rust when left in the rain. To stop this, cover your scaffolding when you are not using it.


Lastly, you’ll want to replace any worn or faulty parts. Even though we make scaffolding from durable and strong metals, they will wear eventually. This is part of owning gear that constantly experiences high traffic and heavy loads. While cleaning and dismantling your scaffolding, examine each part. Identify what’s still usable and what’s not. Watch out for parts showing splitting, bending, or other signs of wear and tear.

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