We manufacture metal tubes and hollow bars differently

We are a company that has an abundance of experience with ERW tubes. This makes it easy for us to offer high calibre products and services to every customer who visits. Within our collection you can find tubes that vary in size and shape. There are even those with special finishes for additional variety.

People use metal tubes and hollow bars in all sorts of structural projects. They come with cost benefits in comparison to solid metal bar stock. For one they don’t weigh as much as a solid bar of the same size and material. Despite this, they’re still very strong. In addition they can be more cost effective and easier to cut and work with.

Hollow bars and metal tubes can have indistinguishable shapes. However, there are differences that separate the two. Perhaps the biggest is how we manufacture them.


With tubes, we create them by taking slit coils of a base metal. We then run them through a tube mill. This is a group of dies that change the coils into tubing. Once fashioned into the required shape, welding joins the tube’s edges together. The welding operation can differ depending on the kind of material you’re utilising and its thickness. Usually, we use electric resistance (ERW) or high frequency. Following this, we remove the surplus weld metal from the exterior.

Manufacturing hollow bars

You do not use welding with hollow bars. There are two principal ways of producing them. Which one you choose depends on dimensional tolerance needs and material type. The first method is drilling. This is where you send a drill through a solid bar stock. The second is centrifugal casting. Here, you rotate a round mould at extreme speeds while pouring molten metal into it.

At Union Steel Tubes, supplying first-rate ERW tubes isn’t our only goal. We also aim to make certain that they arrive on time. You have the option of collecting your goods from us directly as well if you would prefer to do so.

If there is anything we can help you with, please get in touch with us. We offer stock and bespoke tubing suitable for many different uses.