Volumetric inspections

There are many reasons why people consider ours the best ERW steel tubes West Midlands has to offer. To begin with, we only use the highest quality materials to create them. Secondly, we manufacture the tubing using state of the art machinery. Moreover, we always subject our goods to extensive testing before we sign off on them. It is these facts that have led to countless customers putting their trust in us.

ERW tubes made their debut during the 1920s. Initially the welding was a low frequency method. However, in the 60s manufacturers began switching over to a higher frequency alternative. They did this to achieve superior mechanical performance and quality. These days, ERW tube is a sound choice for some of the more taxing applications. This includes structural tubing, and oil or gas tubes.


To meet the necessary standards, you must subject the ERW tubes to stern, non-destructive inspections. As a result you can make certain that each one has no defects. There is a common technique for volumetric inspection of these tubes. It is ultrasonic testing using piezoelectric transducers.


You carry out this test with the transducers using shear vertical waves. These come from the refraction of a longitudinal wave. The sound created within the sensor moves through a water layer. Therefore it serves to alter the angle of the first longitudinal wave. It also couples the transducer to the component for sound transmission. Both permit the creation of the shear wave used for examination. You carefully direct the energy from the shear wave to the bottom and top of your weld.

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The quality products we offer make us the best name for ERW steel tubes West Midlands has. If there is anything we can assist you with, please get in touch.