Every tube has different applications

If you’re currently looking for an ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands has no better company to pick than ours. Our experience in the industry dates back many years. Using this expertise, we make certain that every order meets the client’s requirements.

There are those who like to put different tubes in the same categories. It’s true that some do have similarities. However, the differences mean that you can’t place them all in one group. To give you an idea, we’re going to go over the applications that we use ERW and seamless tubes for.

ERW tube applicationsERW steel tube supplier West Midlands

We manufacture ERW tubes from coil or strip steel. They find use in a diverse set of industries. Examples include scaffolding, line pipes, fencing, and engineering. It’s also possible to find ERW tube in the agricultural and irrigation industries. Don’t be surprised if you encounter the tubes in water mains and sewage networks. In addition natural gas lines feature the tubing.

Seamless tubes

These products are usually hollow and round. We manufacture them by drawing solid billet past a piercing rod. Professionals use them extensively in high-pressure applications. This is in contrast to ERW tubes, which work better in low or medium pressure settings. These include air and hydraulic cylinders, and hydrocarbon refineries. Seamless tubes also have a complex production process. As a result, the price per tonne is higher than other products.

At Union Steel Tubes, we can supply you with any length of tubing you need. Our cutting and processing service is what makes this possible. Additionally, we have an abundance of finishing options available. This includes zinc and chrome plating. As a result you can choose tubing that is perfect for your needs. We can even offer advice if you are unsure what specifications to choose.

Our wide range of products make us the top ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands has. If you’d like to know more, you can get in touch with us anytime.