ERW Steel Tube Stockists

ERW tubes are, basically, tubes that have been electric resistance welded. Starting off as a strong steel plate, it is rolled into a tube and welded together utilising electricity. This welding results in a pipe that is incredibly strong and resistant to deformation as well as corrosion. During production, they undergo testing at least twice to test their durability. This also ensures that they are of the highest quality possible. If this is something you require, you can count on us as we are one of the finest ERW steel tube stockists you could hope to work with.

A range of top quality products

ERW Steel Tube StockistsWe have an amazing range of tubes available. In fact, they come in two hundred different sizes and in a variety of shapes including square and oval. There are also a range of thicknesses and widths available. This further adds to the ability to be able to choose the right tube for the right job. We accept custom orders if so needed. However we also keep a wide range of pre-made tubes available and in stock at any one time. This means that we can, if possible, choose one and have it delivered to you as soon as possible.

We utilise only the best machinery and most highly-trained engineers for the task of cutting these tubes. Either hand-cut, or cut using lasers or water jets, you can know you are getting a fine and accurate cut. Laser cuts ensure precision, water jets provide vibration-free cuts, and hand-cutting is perfect for smaller tubes. Thanks to our variety of equipment and our high levels of training, we can tackle any cutting job, regardless of the size. We can cut any size of tube to any tolerance that you want. This gives you an unbeatable variety of options when working with ERW steel tubes. Once you have the size you want, we can even add a finish to your ERW tube with chrome or zinc. This adds a beautiful finish and further durability. We can also debur it if you need us to.

The company you can turn to for your needs

As an ISO 9001 registered company, we are regarded as one of the ERW steel tube stockists operating in the United Kingdom. Our dedication to a first-rate service and providing high-quality products is simply unparalleled. Our staff are amongst the best-trained in the industry. In addition, our products considered the best quality available for your money. For roughly a decade, we have been operating to the same high standards day in, day out, and stock only the best tubing available.

ERW steel tube stockists you can trust for quality

We are always open for enquiries, whether about our services or about our wide range of ERW steel tubes. Call us today on 01902 881 222, and we will gladly answer any enquiry that you may have for us. Alternatively, we can be reached via e-mail at, and will respond to any enquiries as soon as possible.