The metallurgical benefits of electropolishing

We’ve always gone out of our way to provide our customers with the tubing products they need. It’s been this way since we began in 2004. Sometimes, a client needs a specific piece of ERW tube. When they do, we get to work creating the ideal design. We have an experienced team and deliver quality products, whether stock or bespoke.

People sometimes use a certain process on steel components like ours. It’s an electrochemical technique called electropolishing. The procedure offers maximum corrosion resistance to the exterior of your tubing.

There’s one perceptible advantage to this process; the bright, decorative finish given to the item. However, there are metallurgical advantages as well as this. They are more valuable too, so we’re going to reveal what some of them are.

Hygienically clean surfaces

You’ll end up with a hygienically clean surface. This is the result of removing hydrogen from the steel exterior. In such conditions, bacteria cannot thrive.

Finding flaws

Electropolishing can assist you with finding particular flaws in the metal surface. These aren’t detectable by any other means. As a result the polishing is one of the most fruitful inspection tools you can use.

On top of this, the process is capable of something else too; it spots non-metallic impurities or inclusions in the surface. This means it works like a non-destructive test. It ensures that the component doesn’t fail in its operative state.

No peeling

Finally, the finish isn’t a surface coating. Therefore, there isn’t any danger of the ERW tube peeling over time. Surface distortion won’t be a problem for you either.

At Union Steel Tubes, we want every customer to have a great experience when working with us. This goes beyond just giving them the highest quality products. In addition we must make sure that our customer service meets and exceeds expectations.

It is our goal to offer ERW tube to suit any need. We cut tubes to size in-house and also offer many different finishing options. If you want to learn more about our merchandise, please contact us. We can discuss everything with you, including your design.