How does such a dynamic procedure lead to usable tubes?

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Tube mills require continual monitoring. Anyone who has produced tubing tools for a living will know this. The issue is there are all kinds of variables to consider here. Examples include edge condition, hardness, and dimensions of the incoming material. The state of the mill as the components wear and the power delivered to the welding unit are also important.

With this in mind, people wonder how a dynamic operation like tube production can result in usable creations. In truth, it doesn’t matter if you remove the potential issues by using standard set up processes. It’s the same for following a regular maintenance plan.

It can be challenging trying to obtain the results you’re after. Forge welding has obstacles different to the ones you find with autogenous welding. The former is the one used in ERW mills. On both mill types however, you may produce terrible and great tubes during the welding process.

Stretch and sound welds

Only two factors are vital when it comes to excellent yields though. These are stretch and sound welds. Previously, the formed tube section’s shape wasn’t that significant. You didn’t need to make it round at the weld point. The crucial points were the smallest possible deviation in edge height and parallel edges.

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