Factors influencing selective seam weld corrosion

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Selective seam weld corrosion (SSWC) can be a big problem with ERW tubes. It influences the heat affected zone of a tube’s longitudinal seam. Moreover, it affects the bondline region by creating grooves inside the seam.

SSWC can be external and internal on a piece of tube. Individuals have found it in liquid and gas tubes too. This type of corrosion is most common inside older tubes though. If they were made using low frequency and direct-current electric resistance welding, the flaw is more likely.

The elements responsible

Research into the corrosion shows some interesting details. For instance, a handful of elements might be responsible for fostering SSWC. A galvanic reaction between the seam weld and base metal is one of them. Another is the crevices that form between the steel and inclusions. Differences in corrosion rates for separate steel phases are also potential culprits.

The above factors are predominantly as a result of quality control processes and technology limitations. Specifically, we’re talking about the ones belonging to the pre-1970 tube manufacturing era. Numerous problems that made older tubes vulnerable to SSWC were eventually eradicated. The move away from low frequency ERW and switch to high frequency ERW instead was responsible for this.

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