Potential defects that can occur when manufacturing ERW tubes

Nowadays people only want the best items for their needs. This isn’t surprising when developments in technology allow for manufacturing processes to be better than ever. Defects with ERW tubes can happen for various reasons though. Luckily you can drastically reduce the likelihood of these occurring when you take care.

Potential Issues

All of the tooling used for tube production requires maintenance. This allows you to save time and money by knowing that you can rely on it and not deal with issues when trying to operate it. Poor mill condition, incorrect alignment, and inaccurate setup can cause issues. They make up approximately 95% of tube production problems. This is why it is so vital to care for the equipment.

Initially manufacturing this type of tube involved using low frequency A.C. current for heating the edges. This is no longer the case and instead people recognise that a high frequency ERW process produces a higher quality weld. Lower frequencies create welds that are susceptible to hook cracks and inadequate bonding of the seams.

Cracking can occur with the weld of the tube. This is a serious issue which can make the product useless. It can be because of a lack of fusion or shrinkage as the metal cools and stresses the material. You need to know if it is present as well as the severity of it through testing in case you did not notice it upon inspection.

Problems can occur due to the use of the raw materials, methods of production, personnel, equipment, and process conditions. Therefore it is vital to take care at every step so that the results do not suffer.

Measures To Avoid These

It is much easier to produce low cost high grade ERW tubes when you have the right knowledge. Our team is constantly working to ensure that our methods prevent issues from occurring. They have the skills and training to produce amazing results that lead to a tube you can rely on when using it.

We don’t want to leave you with an item that does not meet high standards. This is the reason we use careful methods of testing to ensure that the product is high quality. Our wide range of products includes seamless and ERW tubes of various specifications.

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