A little insight into how ERW tubing is made

Not everyone is as familiar with products like ERW tube as we are. We gained our knowledge from our vast experience, specialist skills, and dedication to complete amazing work. Many years in the industry also helps.

The Process

We are a leading manufacturer of ERW (electric resistance welded) tubing. Strips of the metal are unwound from coils and trimmed into shape. Through the use of contoured rollers it is cold-formed into the right shape. After we force the two edges of the steel together, an electric current then heats it. This results in a bond that does not require the use of welding filler.

The flash weld disappears as the tube goes through more rollers to obtain the desired size. The final step is expert testing to ensure that the tubing we provide you with is of the highest quality. Therefore you will always receive items you can rely on.

Creating High Quality Products

People tend to use high frequencies now as opposed to the low frequency welding that was common in the past. This creates tubing that is not as vulnerable to seam corrosion, inadequate bonding of the seams, and hook cracks.

While the idea of this process remains the same, methods have seen developments along with the technology used. ERW can produce a high quality weld when done with care. With continual advancements it allows for the creation of ERW tube that you can rely on for the task at hand.

Something that has changed is how cost effective the process is. It can achieve brilliant results and overcome problems with more ease. This is easier to do when you have extensive knowledge of the industry like we do here at Union Steel.

We provide different sizes and specifications of ERW tube. Along with this, we offer seamless as well as pre-galvanised options. Do not hesitate to contact us should you have an interest in learning more about our work and wide selection of products. We can provide swift delivery times through the way that we operate.