Electric resistance welding is still prominent

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Over the years, industrial applications have developed and become more involved. As such, the tubing products and systems that aid them had to keep up. There are all kinds of tube manufacturing techniques out there now. However, electric resistance welding remains one of the most prominent.

Welded tube starts as a long, coiled ribbon known as a skelp. You cut the skelp to the length you desire. This leads to a flat rectangular sheet. The widths of the sheet’s smaller edges shall turn into the tube’s outer circumference. As a result you can use this value to measure its final outside diameter.

Fusion metals and weld seams

One of the benefits to using ERW tubing is that you don’t utilise fusion metals. In addition, you can’t feel or see the weld seam. It is the opposite when you use double submerged arc welding. This technique leaves a plain weld bead behind. Depending on what the application is, you might need to eliminate it.

Throughout the years, welded pipe manufacturing methods have advanced. One of the most significant developments has been the use of high-frequency electric currents. You use these during the welding. Before the 1970s, we employed low-frequency currents. The seams created from low-frequency ERW have vulnerabilities. They were more susceptible to seam failure and corrosion.

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