The effect stress has on groove corrosion for ERW tubing

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Stress has an effect on the groove corrosion you find with ERW tubing. We’re going to talk about it here so you can find out more about it and potentially avoid the issue.


The direct weld technology used in electric resistance welding is a swift production line kind. It’s utilised in a plethora of fields. This includes oil and gas pipes, and also underground casting. However, the welding activity is greater than what you find in the heat affected zone. As such, the welding decides the welded tube’s service life.

Weld corrosion can happen with welded tube. Normally, it generates a groove in the welding area. The groove’s formation can result in the corrosion medium being in an immobile state. This is under natural conditions. The concentration of dissolved oxygen diminishes too. The oxygen concentration within the seam forms gradually. Consequently, the corrosion in the coal seam’s metal accelerates.

No heat treatment

Some individuals don’t heat treat the ERW tubing. When this happens, the residual tensile strength covering the weld is roughly 350MPa. This is close to the tube’s weld strength. Once the weld infiltrates working electrode, the stress level falls beneath 100MPa. The circumferential tensile stress can lower the weld’s corrosion potential. It can increase the groove corrosion’s sensitivity and speed up how quickly it corrodes.

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